~ road to timeless places ~

[12/08/19] diary> new entry
[12/01/19] new digital art
[11/20/19] traditional art page
[11/15/19] finished adding all of digital artworks
[11/10/19] creation of digital art page, added a bit of content to it
[11/10/19] editing gallery page
[11/06/19] diary> new entry
[11/03/19] editing auditorium page
[11/01/19] editing index page
[10/25/19] started editing characters and gallery pages
[10/24/19] finishing auditorium page, will add musics later
[10/23/19] diary> new entry
[10/19/19] editing auditorium
[10/18/19] added a new entry to diary
[10/17/19] added FAQ to about page
[10/16/19] polishing about page, log page, home page
[10/15/19] added some content to diary, will add more later
[10/15/19] editing about, there's only text for now though, will polish later
[10/15/19] finishing diary, will add stuff later
[10/15/19] finishing home by adding main section
[10/15/19] creation of auditorium page
[10/15/19] creation of gallery page
[10/15/19] creation of characters page
[10/14/19] editing log
[10/14/19] editing home
[10/14/19] creation of log page
[10/12/19] placing home icons
[10/12/19] creation of diary page
[10/12/19] creation of about page
[10/12/19] editing home
[10/12/19] creation of home page
[10/11/19] editing index (mostly as joke)
[10/02/19] creation of not_found page
[10/02/19] creation of index page
[10/02/19] creation of website