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Hello, PJ here. I wanted a little corner of this site to share some things I like, who knows maybe you'll find something you'll enjoy.

(entering the doujin passion zone) now it's a place where I can talk at will. Don't be shy enter the zone too.

As I'm writing this on the sacred(nope) year 2019 number 2 I am 20 years old, born in January.
Like to draw since I was a little kid, really liked manga such as One Piece when was a teenager and wanted to be mangaka I think.
Now devoted to video games, the doujin scene inspires me a lot, I respect comiket culture and wish to make something as passionate
as the creators I love.
Not only indie devs but also anything that has soul like creation of Gainax, Game Freaks etc, I think these stories are amazing.
Drawing traditionally, and sometimes digitally. transcription of music by ear on the piano or fruity loop, make MIDIs as well.
I like VG maths, so coding can be fun but only if it goes right. Reads wikipedia a lot about everything and anything.
Walking alone in lost places while listening to music is something I could do everyday if only I didn't had anxiety
(and other things to do) but it's ok.
Favorite Musicians:
LOLITA (eurobeat singer), Odyssey Eurobeat, MintJam, Susumu Hirasawa, å…‰GENJI, YMO, HACHI, Vocaloid songs from 2010 in general.
Favorite Instruments:
Synth Brass, Trumpet, Dance Piano with lots of chorus and delay, all sorts of strings (atmostheric, warm, ensemble etc), Slap Bass, Square Wave.
Not instruments but I'm in love with: Roland SC 88-Pro, TTS-1 (!!!), JV1080
Favorite Artists:
Oda, Sugimori, Urasawa, Togashi, ONE, Tomohi, Kawayoo, Kazuo, Takahashi, Yusuke Nakano, Amano, Yamada Akihiro.
Random games I like:
Gitaroo man, Space channel 5, Parappa the rapper 2, earthbound, Moon rpg remix adventure, Space Funeral, pkmn mystery dungeon blue, zelda MM,
Mario galaxy, Pikmin 2, Yoshi's Island, rayman Legends.
Random VGM I like:
Mario RPG, Gitaroo man, When the cicadas cry, Animal crossing WW, Pokemon crystal, Donkey Kong country, Zelda MM, Cyber Block Metal Orange,
Soukaigi, Brandish.
Favorite Food:
Mushrooms creme fraiche and rice, leek and salmon pie, coffee ice cream, fromage de tomme noire.
Random thing
Really good at finding four-leaf clover, PB is finding like seven four-five-six and seven-leak clover on the same spot lol. I don't know why
but I have the eye for it.

My pseudo is not a reference to pj berri I just think he's a neat little guy