Another attempt at getting better at painting. Honestly using poster colour is really really fun, I hope I can feel one day like I deserve owning these paints (lol).

This one, too, has a feeling like it's from an old shonen jump lol. BONUS BONUS 2

I enjoy drawing beetles and tree branches. COLORED

This is the first time I draw on A3 format. First time using gouache too. Still not satisfied but I don't give up. BONUS

There is a feeling like it's from an old shonen jump. ALTERNATIVE VERSION BONUS BONUS 2

Indian ink and copic markers. I really want to get better at traditional art... Out of the few attempts I did this month I think I like this one?! BONUS

Testing my skills at watercolor... there's still much to learn.

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That's not really how wings work lol, but I still like the attention to details.




I miss this game, I don't have a lot of time to (re)play botw...