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The RGB Teahouse is a website created by Projet103 (PJ for short) for personal use,
such as uploading works (mainly art for now) or photos/texts in general.

It's mostly focused on original content, but you may find fanarts as well.

I'm a 'never-satisfied' type of person, I need to find courage to upload experimental stuff
(this mainly concerns music)... enhance why some pages have been empty for a long time, I'm a bit ashamed, sorry...

By the way, main language is EN but there is some FR/JP/NO too, please use a translator.

Website is sometimes broken but it's ok it's just part of it.

Me (call me PJ please).

I've been drawing digitally since beginning 2015, and traditionally since 2009 probably
(what got me into drawing was this show called 'Wakfu', I wanted to draw the characters).

I started to draw "seriously" (as a kid does anyway) during late 2013, because I really liked the works
of Hirumi Arakawa, it's safe to say that I probably wouldn't be interested in art as a whole if not thanks to her.

Other than that, will rot away if exposed to pollution for too long, could look at the moon
and stars all night, all seasons.
Opinion on Luigi: I like this guy (*the public nods*)
I am a train enthusiast, I like to go to the station just to watch trains while listening to music.
Walking in the mountains is probably my favorite activity ever.
If you're more curious about me somehow, I made a page to talk about artists I like etc >> Here <<

I use CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX for: digital illustrations, pixel art,
animation (I render transparency with Photoshop though), editing etc...
(made a tuto for CSP >>here<< btw)
I mostly use Nicker poster color for painting traditionaly, and use chinese ink for the lines.
I use FL Studio for music.
Hardwares I own are: Roland XV-5050 and Edirol SD-80.
I take photos with a Lumix TZ-90,
but there's a lot of older photos took using my Crappy Phone.

Mastodon - Twitter - Twitch - Tumblr - Rad Video of Norwegian Train in Winter Landscape

Contact: rgbteahouse (@) gmail (.) com

Fonts used are: "PxPLus IBM EGA9" and "Microsoft Himalaya".

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(not really lol!!)

Q: Why are you not updating often?
A: I'm Sorry...

Q: What are your goals in life?
A: Working harder, being kinder, if I can release my projects, I'd be happy.
Also, to be a floating soul *blushes*

Q: Where do you come from?
A: Fr-- (dare I say it).

Q: This site doesn't look like a teahouse at all...
A: Not a question. Also we can obviously tell you've never been in a teahouse before.

Q: I'm texting from a teahouse
A: Ok.

Q: How can I ask you a question?
A: You can't, I'm the only one allowed to ask questions here.

PJ's Q: How are you anon?
Anon's A: (imagine you're answering back)

Q: Where is my tea? I haven't been served yet.
A: I am deeply sorry for the inconvenience. While you await may I propose you
to read this fact about tea that you might find quite amusing.