Blues. Son apprence est un mix bizarre de sa représentation dans le Comic d'Archie, et de mon style, je pense ?
J'ai essayé de refaire un peu de peinture digitale, mais je suis rouillée haha. BONUS


Dessiné à la souris sur photoshop au travail, puis coloré sur csp chez moi BONUS


3d stage render BONUS


Scrapped enemy


Héros et chauve-souris sous la nuit, ils se défient au stage 1 du jeu vidéo, mais cette chauve-souris là a déjà gagné. Après avoir combattu plusieurs héros, elle a décidé de les immiter en récupérant les morceaux d'armures post-bataille. BONUS


Sur l'autoroute, il faisait gris, au loin sous un buisson aux couleurs émeraudes foncés, plusieurs panneaux du même type rassemblés sous les fleurs pâles. Bizzare. J'ai voulu dessiner cette vision mais le rendu final s'en est un peu écarté.


For 100k+ hit.



was teaching (somewhat) how to draw b&w pictures


to the jo


to the go


collection made in drawpile and a bonus fushiguro


I don't really like this one much. BONUS




koko ha koko ha koko ha japari paaku da yo



lineart is traditional but since colors are digital figured i would post it there.



I think railroad uniforms are cool, but because it's so personalised I wonder if people can even guess what it's supposed to be BONUS


?another warm up

A simple picture of a character, i draw those when i can't remember how to draw it's like a warm up

there was a theme for this one it was about color i don't remember lmao it's not that good but i like the chibis

Visual novels make me nostalgic all the time so I try to give my fanarts a similar vibe. A vibe of nostalgicness, yeah...

Despication of a thunderstorm with light rain. Because the robot is so impresive and there's even mist around it, it looks like the storm is more intense than it should, but Ade's clothes or hair don't look wet at all, it's not a mistake! It's just that the rain is light I promise! *sweats*

A simple picture to test new brushes BONUS

Scarlet sky of october

A very generous person commissioned me to draw whatever I wanted. This year is the year of the wan

Watercolor-like painting is the best way to render rain, in my opinion.

BotW food for practice

Oda-sensei I want to learn how to draw guys as cool as yours please help

There is a feeling of deja vu... that's right, I like drawing nosebleeds lol.
At first there was no bent spoons but I thought it'd look pretty with them flying around. They match the stars(?).

For practice.
*sigh* I think I got quite good at painting this year but... I also realized I don't know how to draw, only how to paint... This is a bit frustrating, but hey I never learned anything the 'proper' way, it'd be about time to start...

In honor of Pink Gold Peach (absolutely not).
This one is oooooold and since I don't like it it took a while to gather the energy to finish it lol.
What are those things in the background anyway?

The infamous sonic adventure pose.

Digital Witch Mayura.
For the sake of having fun drawing something simple.
I rarely like what I do but... this one ended up looking pretty ok? Hah, that's the power of anime artstyle isn't it.

Collaboration with Captainhowdie, features some of their characters from their comic "Ranfren".

"Hey! It's been a while since I did a full piece. I want to draw a background" I said as I literally drew a background 3 days before.
Actually, I wanted to draw something entirely (background included!) on one layer, which is what I always do except this time it REALLY was from the beginning on one layer.

The artstyle is different from usual, I wanted it to be a bit "08s anime".

Messing with CSP's effects generator.

Quick face practice, the problem with this artstyle is that I'm afraid to have the same-face syndrom.

I'm not supposed to post this but... It's for a zine I'm participating in (Rappaccini's Compendium). Please look forward to the full picture when the book will be on sale.

For a friend, Banchagu's Mauve.
I like her hair here.

As I was listening to this, I imagined a beautiful scenery with clouds and mountains, so I attempt to draw it.
The perspective is so odd... yet a couple times friends told me my piece was an inspiration for them to try scenery, truly I'm honored... Random anecdote: A friend of mine told me that her rl friend had this piece as their phone wallpaper... The world is so small!

Trying to paint with grays.

Really wanted to draw a sunset and black trees, everything else was tiring.

I believe this was the first time I did a full piece of an OC.
Blue wisps= fun, Stairs= not fun, the worst is you cannot see how much effort I put into this because it's half-covered...


Practicing painting, reference was a statue that's why it looks weird.




One of my favorite illustration I did.


The brush used makes the illustration looks innocent, but somehow there's a daunting feeling, too.