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Hello, PJ here. I wanted a little corner of this site to share some things I like, who knows maybe you'll find something you'll enjoy.

(entering the doujin passion zone) now it's a place where I can talk at will. Don't be shy enter the zone too.

Born 22/01/2000.
Like to draw since I was a little kid, really liked manga such as One Piece and FMA, also played a lot of games.
Now devoted to video games, the doujin scene inspires me a lot, I respect comiket culture and wish to make something as passionate
as the creators I love.
Not only indie devs but also anything that has soul like creation of Gainax, Game Freaks etc, I think these stories are amazing.
Drawing traditionally, and sometimes digitally. transcription of music by ear on the piano or fruity loop, make MIDIs as well.
I like VG maths, so coding can be fun but only if it goes right. Read wikipedia a lot about everything and anything.
Walking alone in lost places while listening to music is something I enjoy more than anything though lately I've been less and less
bringing my mp3 player, maybe I'm growing up?
Favorite Musicians/vocalists:
Elena Gobbi Frattini, Annerley Gordon, David Wise, George Duke, Charles Trenet, Shogo Sakai, Susumu Hirasawa, YMO, wowaka.

My favorite genre is video game music, but since it doesn't really mean anything nowdays, i'd say I enjoy listening to:
Retro instrumental songs (vgm) in general (I love the snes/n64 era...), Orchestral, Eurobeat, Synth-Rock, Accoustic(Piano), Chiptune (16bit/fm),
Jazz-Fusion (Ys' perfect collection albums are good exemples of my idea of what Jazz fusion is as it is vague genre...)
Favorite Instruments:
Synth Brass/Brass section, Grand Piano, all sorts of strings (somber, bright, ensemble etc), Fantasia, Square Wave, Distortion guitar.
I'm in love with these synths: Edirol TTS-1 (my first synth, so it holds a special place in my heart), Edirol SD-80, Sound Canvas 88-Pro,
JV1080, XV-5050, Yamaha Motif-XS6.
Favorite Illustrators:
Eiichiro Oda, Ken Sugimori, Tomokazu Komiya, Kawayoo, Rumiko Takahashi.

(Somehow, it makes me a little sad when I see that my favorite artists are jap only... so I feel like saying that in terms of indie content-wise,
I enjoy a lot more what westerners do)
(Also as I tend to be a lot more inspired by things I see outside when I go for a walk/my photos or other people's photos,
I'm not interested in drawings as I used too,
so the list of illustrators is rather small... let's say they are "classic artists" that inspired the fundation of my art)
Some games that I like:
Kiki Kaikai 2, Crimzon Clover, Radiant Silvergun, ESP Ra. De., Progear, Pikmin 2, Gitaroo man, Space channel 5, Parappa the rapper 2, Earthbound,
Moon rpg remix adventure, Space Funeral, pkmn mystery dungeon blue, Zelda MM, Mario galaxy, Yoshi's Island, Rayman Legends.
Some VGM that I like:
Mario RPG, le Sanglot des Cigales, Animal crossing (GC), Pokemon crystal, Donkey Kong country, Zelda MM, Cyber Block Metal Orange,
Soukaigi, Brandish, Pikmin 2, Gitaroo man, Goemon's Great Adventure, SSBM.
Favorite Food:
Mushrooms creme fraiche and rice, leek and salmon pie, chocolate ice cream.
Random things
-Really good at finding four-leaf clover, PB is finding like seven four-five-six and seven-leaf clover on the same spot lol.
I don't know why but I have the eye for it.

-Kung Fu Panda is my favorite movie.
When times are hard rewatching Kung Fu Panda does a lot of good. Please give it a try.

-If I had to be reincarnated as a video game part then I'd be without a doubt the 2nd stage of Gitaroo man (in english).
I won't explain why.

Disclaimer: my pseudo is NOT a reference to pj berri I just think he's a neat little guy.
PJ is short for Projet, the french word for "project".